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It was also possible for the archaeologists to identify certain aspects of pit houses construction and in some cases their function.Soil samples were taken and utilized in pollen analysis in order to identify plant potentially incorporated in textile dyeing.The area is relatively hilly (by Danish standards), with slopes leading towards the river valley north of Søften.The narrow wetland of Damsbro Mose runs along the northeast and southwerst sides of Søften Valley.Currently,it is possible to walk the entire length of the marsh following paths between Hinnerup and Søften.

The study, led by Moesgård Museum, was spread over an area of six fields just East of Søften.In some of the finer parts of the marsh’s northern area can be found the wettest ground with a wide range of plant life such as obtuse-flowered rush, bottlesedge, two-ranked sedge, marsh bird’s-foot trefoil, European swamp thistle,lesser pond sedge, perennial sedge, meadowsweet, northern water hemlock, bog-bean, great water dock, great spearwort, ragged robin, globe-flower and St Peter’s wort. On and around the hillocks are hawkweed, quaking grass, marsh arrow grass, marsh grass-of-Parnassus, western marsh-orchid as well as the rare valerian.The marsh is also a habitat for bird species such as the marsh warbler, grasshopper warbler, nightingale, common snipe, kestrel, lesser whitethroat, whitethroat, coal tit, willow warbler and the lesser redpoll.Sommer and Muller sold the tithe together with the individual farms to the parish’s citizens.On January 11910, the church became privately owned.

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