Dating hypothyroid

You would think celebrities would experience hair loss more than the average person.They live hectic lives, most actresses and models are very thin so they obviously don’t eat a lot, and many of them wear hair extensions which can cause permanent hair loss from traction alopecia.I am not trying to be mean by writing about them here – I just want everyone to know that you aren’t alone!As bad as I feel that anyone has to experience hair loss, at least celebrities have the money they need to see the top nutritionists, hair loss specialists, and hair replacement gurus.Hair extensions, though, can’t cover up hair loss on the top of your head very well.Female Celebrities with Hair Loss: With all that said, there are some famous women with visible hair loss.Erin Moran – from “Happy Day.” I saw her on a show a few years ago and she had obvious overall hair thinning and genetic hair loss.

Currently her hair has grown back, but it could fall out again in the future.

Again I have no idea what her real hair looks like.

Elizabeth Berkley – her hairline has receded an inch or two since her “Saved By The Bell” days.

This could have been temporary – shedding after having a baby.

Or she could have started wearing supplemental hair.

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