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It’s hardly worth noting the Northam-Ehle period scenes, since they’re mostly done in the form of pretty montages. I can’t recall ever being disappointed by his work and here is no exception. It is a rare truly romantic film that doubles, oddly enough, as a twisting mystery. ” But he’ll have to wait his turn.) For me personally, is significant as the movie that made me sit up and take notice of this handsome and talented actor; it was my “where has this guy been all my life?! And from what I’ve been reading lately, I’m not alone in this.

They might as well exist inside a snow globe Eckhart and Paltrow are marveling over…manages to remain firmly realistic even while dipping into extreme romantic settings riddled with feather pens, gothic backdrops, evanescent waterfalls and ruffled petticoats. The cast, direction, set design, cinematography, seamless editing, script, and soundtrack will treat you to a very special trip to the theater. “It takes an enormous stretch of the imagination, in terms of conjuring the character in the mind’s eye,” said Northam. Knightley start us off, since this is perhaps still Jeremy’s best known and most beloved role. Seems as though quite a few of you were “Jeremyized” while watching is considered Jane Austen’s masterpiece or debate her place in the canon of Western literature.

Based on AS Byatt’s prize-winning novel of the same name, it’s a literary tale.

Modern academic Roland Mitchell (Aaron Eckhart) stumbles upon some letters which suggest that upstanding example of marital fidelity, the fictional Victorian Poet Laureate Randolph Henry Ash (Jeremy Northam), may actually have written his most lauded love poems not to his wife but to his secret mistress, Christabel La Motte (Jennifer Ehle), who was also a poet and had previously been supposed to be lesbian.

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I imagined someone living a fairly normal life, whose life would then change drastically, who would also in his lifetime be lionized into a near-mythical figure, and that lionization would carry over a century later.”, I will be on holiday/vacation for two weeks and therefore won’t be able to arrange a poll for our next two JN Nights. If you’re interested, I’ve recommended several great resources below.

So, I suggest that, for the next two weeks, we watch the two movies that came in second place in weeks one and two. I also don’t want to compare and contrast the three most recent screen adaptations—the other two being the 1996 A&E Kate Beckinsale/Mark Strong version scripted by Andrew Davies and the 2009 BBC production starring Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller using Sandy Welch’s screenplay.

To me, the mark of a great work of literature is that it admits many different interpretations.

Fifty of them, one for every year he’s been in the world.

I asked for assistance in compiling my list from the group of ardent admirers who frequent Jeremy Northam Chat and Jeremy Northam Info as well as this blog. My sincere thanks to everyone who was able to contribute ideas.

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