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If you are disabled or chronically sick, you may well be eligible for VAT relief.

If you’ve been feeling like no one understands the emotional or physical pain that you may be going through, a support group can help.

In addition, encouraging a spouse, friend or caregiver to attend meetings with you may give them a better sense of what living with your particular disability is really like.

Some groups provide support for a specific disease or condition, while others invite any disabled member of the community to join.Regular attendance is not required to be in a support group.Some individuals find that they only need to attend meetings when they are experiencing a problem, while others may attend more frequently because they enjoy the company of the other members.Disability support groups provide a place for people to talk about their experiences with others who have the same or similar conditions.Some support groups exist solely for individuals who have a particular condition, while others invite family, friends and caregivers to meetings.

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