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"I found myself in situations that I normally wouldn't have ever put myself into, and that scared me," he says. It was dangerous."In 2005, like many young Mormons seeking like-minded friends, Allen moved to Provo (his day job: masseur) and the 21-year-old Glenn followed, looking for a fresh start.

Telling a pool-hall owner they were the band scheduled to play that night, Glenn landed the group its first show, and Neon Trees became part of the small but active Provo music scene; bassist Branden Campbell and drummer Elaine Bradley joined soon after. of the Killers from high school, which opened the door to an opening slot with the Las Vegas band.

"Mostly it's just about Christ and his teachings." Glenn lives about 15 minutes outside of town in a cookie-cutter three-bedroom rental, where he spends most of his time either cooking or watching TV.

(He also doesn't drive.) He has decorated the walls with eyeballs, skulls and a life-size cutout of a naked Morrissey (with a 45 record covering his arsenal).

Like Glenn, the other three members of Neon Trees were raised Mormon.

And while the band has no overt religious affiliation, it credits the Church of Latter-day Saints' strict ordinances against drinking and drugs – which the members have adopted as band rules – with helping its rise.

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Most other 16-year-olds at Glenn's church, the Alta Murrieta Ward, would stand in front of the congregation and say a prayer over the sacrament on Sundays, but Glenn got stonewalled."I wasn't allowed to because of the way I looked – they said I was a distraction," he recalls dryly.Glenn papered his bedroom walls with images of Bruce Springsteen and sneaked out of the house to try the usual teenage temptations."All my brothers were in soccer, but I was terrible at sports," he says.In seventh grade, he became curious about the Morrissey pictures on his Latino pals' folders, discovered the Smiths and transformed himself from choirboy to New Wave brat.

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