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Nestorius, who gave his name to the Nestorian heresy, was born at Germanicia, in Syria Euphoratensis (date unknown); died in the Thebaid, Egypt, c. He was living as a priest and monk in the monastery of Euprepius near the walls, when he was chosen by the Emperor Theodosius II to be Patriarch of Constantinople in succession to Sisinnius.He had a high reputation for eloquence, and the popularity of St.Mrs Block reiterated her request for privacy, writing that their family had been apart for four weeks and need their space.‘God answers prayers! ‘I am so damn proud of her [Jasmine] and so happy to have her home safe with us.

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At the end of 428, or at latest in the early part of 429, Nestorius preached the first of his famous sermons against the word Theotokos , and detailed his Antiochian doctrine of the Incarnation.

The 5-foot-1, 110-pound girl had spent the day boating with neighbors, but returned home with a migraine headache, reported NBC News.

Her mother told Dateline last month that she saw her daughter laying on the couch in their mobile home before she went out that night.

Block agreed to help, got into his car and the two headed to the man's home in Carlos, police said, according to Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Upon arrival, Wyffels said Barker restrained the girl’s hands with zipties, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened her with weapons.

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