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With the power out I know that its now or never I gotta make my move. By the end of the weekend she’ll be begging for my very thick 11″ slab of meat to be all up in her., “How long is this going to be Mr. I have to be in Toronto by Monday” “You aren’t going to Toronto” I thought to myself. Lovato as soon as I get confirmation from my superiors that they got the suspect you”ll be able to leave. Lovato I am your music rocks me like a hurricane” I said embarrassingly as my cheeks turn red from embarrassment. Ackley kudos on ‘The Scorpions’ reference and second you don’t have to be embarrassed it’s OK” As we walk towards the security office I reach into my other pocket and pull out the chloroformed rag.I make sure I got everything ready for when we have our “fun” All I can think about is how sweet it will be to have my cock coated with her sweet nectar. Until then you’re stuck with me” My phone started playing “Heart Attack” by the lovely Demi Lovato. I put it up to her mouth and she doesn’t even put up a fight.I walk up to the retinal scanner and have it scan my eye. I toss Demi on the dirty, filthy bed and shackle her wrists and ankles to the bed posts.I hungrily await for her to wake up so the “fun” can begin. Lovato, as you were leaving your show you fall and hit your head pretty hard so I had to take you to the hospital so they can examine you further” “Ok, that explains why I’m in this dark room, but why am I handcuffed?You see I had your sweet sweet mouth all over my cock.

I chuckle to myself “you’ll be humming a different tune tonight” I cut the power to the arena and switch into my “arena security” outfit. “Some crazed fan cut the power and we are trying to figure out how he managed to get back here. Ackley and you’re stuck me until we can figure this whole mess because your safety is my top priority” Little did she know that I’m the one who cut the power and that her evening was just beginning.I mount her and slowly begin to ease my cock into her sweet delicate mouth.“Mmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaacccccckkkkkk” She begins to cry causing her make-up and mascara to run down her face as her new reality sets in. As for your next tour stop well you won’t be seeing Toronto any time soon” I blast a load in her mouth and with my cock jammed in her mouth she is forced to swallow every last drop.I will see to it that they give you the death penalty IMMEDIATELY.” That comment made me so furious that I slapped Demi’s so hard that trickles of blood were coming out of her lips.“Oooooooooowwwwwwwwww” Demi gave another window shattering scream. Why don’t you take your vitamins” I said I handed Demi a ecstasy pill.

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