Sexy killer online dating fuda

How much you'll get out of this film is going to be roughly similar to how tolerant you are of these gimmicks. It's fun to see the lovely Macarena Gómez run through the time honoured Travis Bickle scene in front of the mirror.

If you hate the very idea of them, this film isn't for you. It's even more fun to see her drown a fellow student while asking her why Leo had to die in Titanic instead of the fat chick.

In truth, he's not just not a killer, he's a forensic scientist at the Anatomical Institute trying to catch the Campus Killer.

He also has the scientific genius to have built a device that can turn brain patterns into visual imagery, thus allowing a replay of a corpse's last moments.

It's obvious who it's about from the opening scene, which has some dude in a Hallowe'en mask spying on the girls changing room at a university and stalking them in the showers.

Briefly it's every bad Hollywood slasher movie, but only briefly. It's the slasher who gets slashed, by another dude in a Hallowe'en mask.

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Santiago, the pervert in the first one recovers, in time to try to save Bárbara from the killer, only to realise, too late, that it was her all along.

She's the sexy killer of the title and she very much lives up to both sides of that description, dressing in the latest expensive styles, moving like heaven in high heels and killing everyone who pisses her off. Imagine if Heathers had a little less social commentary but a lot more acid and a lot less restraint.

The most obvious success of the film is that there's never a dull moment.

Blink and you'll miss something, maybe a lot of something.

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