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” So begins an article in the Wall Street Journal, discussing the book How Children Took Power by Swedish psychiatrist David Eberhard.

The book has sparked intense debate, suggesting that Scandinavia’s parents have become wimps when it comes to discipline.

NB – Before reading any further, please note that ALL of the anaconda-encoiled animal photographs and anaconda-encoiled mechanical device photographs contained in this article are photo-manipulated FAKES (with the sole exception of the anaconda-encoiled white cow photos), so none of the apparent animal 'victims' in these photos were victims (except for the white cow, but it did survive – see later).

I was recently sent for my opinion as to its veracity what initially looked like an exceedingly unpleasant, tragic photograph of a lion roaring wildly as it struggled impotently to escape the crushing coils of what seemed to be a gigantic python coiled tightly around its body.

And the third, key uniting factor was that not one of these fake introductory pictures actually appeared in the video that it was being used to introduce.

In other words, based upon their graphic, sensationalised appearance, they were being used deliberately but dishonestly as click-bait, luring video viewers to watch the videos in order to see the action depicted in the photos, only to discover that no such action was contained in the videos.(Having said that, and basing the following comment upon those specific examples viewed by me: what was contained in all of those videos introduced by one of the fake photos depicting the anaconda coiled around an animal was genuine, graphic video footage of animals being attacked and killed by constricting snakes, and sometimes by other animals too, each such video often comprising a compilation of several different, shorter video segments linked together, one after another, to yield a total video often lasting 10 minutes or more.

Bearing in mind that lions occur naturally in the wild state only in Africa and limited regions in Asia whereas all anacondas are entirely restricted in the wild state to tropical America, it was obvious, therefore, that if this photo were genuine, the grisly scene that it portrayed could only have occurred somewhere in captivity.As mothers and fathers have allowed their children to routinely make family decisions like what to eat for dinner, what to watch on tv and where to vacation, the kids have become chief decision makers in their homes.The culture has grown overly sensitive to children’s wants and desires breeding a nation of ‘oupptostrade,’ which is translated into ‘badly raised children.’ Dr.He warns that a child-centric society causes more harm than good as these kids will end up anxious or depressed, unable to handle the real world.He describes teachers who were confronted by parents arguing that their children’s rights have been violated after their kids cellphones were taken away because they were texting or playing games during class.

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